Welcome to Aussie Memorials.

This site is dedicated not to the men and women who paid the ultimate price  in wars (lots has been written on that subject already) but to the families of those men and women who had no grave in Australia to mourn their loss.

After World War 1 families of Australian service men who died overseas could not visit the graves of their family members because travel in those times was difficult if not impossible.

Since families needed to make sense of the slaughter and a place to morn their loss , memorials of all kinds sprang up all over the country with the names of those who were killed or served and survived (depending on the memorial).

These memorials gave the families a place to mourn as well as a dedication to the the soldiers.

This site is my journey around he country starting in Queensland to photograph the memorials and war trophies that are preserved as memorials.

One of only 4 captured guns to be given to a town in Australia This one is in Childers
Some memorials habe been added to or updated for the Anzac Day Centenary as in Hervey Bay

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